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CSEM - From Mind to Market

CSEM is a private Swiss research and technology organization which delivers advanced technologies and unique R&D services to industry. Targeting emerging, strategic, high-impact technologies we bring new products to market and create new ventures. We address the needs of a very wide range of fields, from healthcare, watch-making, aerospace, security, and medical, to consumer electronics and clean & greentech.

We develop innovative technology platforms through four strategic programs - microsystems technology, systems engineering, ultra-low-power integrated systems, and surface engineering - domains in which we have acquired over the years a national and international reputation.


Optical MEMS tunable filters from UV to mid-IR for spectroscopic applications

Our multidisciplinary, system-oriented approach promotes innovation with a special emphasis on the integration of micro- and nano-systems and subsystems. Integration, miniaturization, precision, and reliability - all at the heart of our competencies - are, for example, of paramount importance to clean & green technologies. It is therefore only natural that CSEM produces, year after year, cutting-edge innovation for these markets.

Microsystems technology

This program develops and integrates custom or standard microsystems - sensors, actuators, and communication micro-systems. Such microsystems integration is a key element of many future high-technology application areas.

In environmental monitoring for example, gas sensors for a liquid environment developed using CSEM's silicon microsystems technology based upon electrochemical principles have been successfully commercialized. Spectroscopic methods based upon selective absorption in ad-hoc functionalized porous nanolayers have been also brought to market.

Systems engineering

Our systems engineering specialists analyze, design, and build integrated systems focusing on the convergence of microtechnology and new control and sensing concepts. We provide significant energy savings throughout the value chain - technologies that are cost effective, easy to use, and that limit negative environmental impact.

Our cleantech activities include energy-efficient control- and sensing-system applications for buildings (e.g. self-commissioned systems), smart energy-control, and grid-enhanced user concepts as well as monitoring and diagnostics for energy production facilities (e.g. industrial burners and their optimization) and transportation systems (for automotive and aeronautics).

Surface engineering

Focusing on functionalized surface systems structured on the submicron scale, we develop technologies to be mass-manufactured with great accuracy and affordability. Surface functionalities such as wetting, optical reflectivity, (bio-) molecular adsorption, or electronic properties are built in, extending the capabilities of known large-area manufacturing technologies such as embossing, injection molding, polymer self-assembly, and UV-lithography to precisions in the submicron to nanometer range.

CSEM contributes to innovative solutions in fields ranging from integrated bio-sensors to novel photovoltaic cells and innovative lighting devices. We play a leading role in European organic photovoltaic development, and in January 2013 we will integrate a mature, thin-film silicon photovoltaic cell activity into the program. Combined, these two organic and inorganic PV systems units will comprise one of the most powerful R&D&I facilities in Europe for solar-based energy generation.

Ultra-low power integrated systems

This program's engineers develop ultra-low-power embedded systems with a strong focus on wireless- and vision. Ultra-low power wireless communication systems have been deployed to monitor glaciers, soil for agricultural applications, and the water in lakes, rivers and seas. Wireless networks are being tested for performance monitoring and optimization in aeronautics.

Zero energy houses are optimized using CSEM technology. Last but not least, our smart vision systems contribute to the early detection of environmental disasters such as forest fires and floods. In the urban environment, elaborate movement-detection and discrimination between, for example, people and animals, makes lighting optimization possible.

The very structure of our organization allows all these technologies to be combined in the same device, resulting in products and solutions that bring disruptive innovation to the market and provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Industrial burner optimization- Monitoring important flame characteristics such as excess air, flame stability, and pollutant emission levels (NO, CO), usingthe fluctuating UV signal from the existing flame detectors of heating boilers.Future illumination systems - OLED on novel, flexible, woven conducting substrates. The transparent conducting layer (typically ITO) in replaced byinnovative, Swiss-made, lower cost, and more sustainable alternatives. These substrates can make a major difference in future large-area active signage andillumination applications.

Tunable MEMS grating - MEMS tunable blazedgratings manufacturedfrom a 500 µm thicksiliconwafer used in mid-infrared portablespectrometersfor preciseand local monitoring ofgas and liquids.Thegrating dimensions are1x1 mm2.Neurobat - An adaptive, predictive, self-learning, and self-commissioning heating controller for warm water heating circuits achieving energy gains of 20% incomparison to commercial heating controllers (more information on www.neurobat.net)

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Rue Jaquet-Droz 1
CH-2002 Neuchâtel
T +41 32 720 5111
F +41 32 720 5700
Email: info@csem.ch
URL: www.csem.ch